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Commercially viable low-on-emission hydrogen fuel cell buses may soon become a regular feature on the roads of metro cities beginning with Delhi. Funded by the Global Environmental Facility project

A new project seeks to examine the environmental degradation due to development in Kochi

The government must undertake a serious study of human nature interaction before declaring any area a national park

The green revolution has boosted agricultural production and transformed semi arid land, but its long term effects on soil quality in India have been ignored

the World Bank-sponsored programme for biodiversity conservation in seven globally-significant areas of the country has taken off with the hiring of field-officers for conducting feasibility

the proposed 165-km long rail line between Hubli and Ankola, near the Goa border has drawn the ire of environmentalists who say that the project will cut through the evergreen forests of the

the public hearing committee on environmental issues had to postpone its programme of collecting public opinion on the proposed barge-mounted power project at Tadari near Gokaran, Karnataka.

Government and industry support groups step in to check pollution by small scale units

Continents break up, move away and rejoin again. Such unsteady phenomenon on the Earth has been happening for ages. Recently, scientists have predicted that in 50 million years from now, the

Adoption of new devices for lighting can help lighten the burden of work and raise human productivity