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A UK power company, Eastern Electric, has pioneered a technique to prevent fresh fruit from ripening and decaying in storage. Normally, fruits stored in refrigerated warehouses continue to ripen

SCIENCE appears to have finally found the elusive cure for baldness. Proscar, a drug manufactured by Merck & Co to treat enlarged prostate glands, has an interesting side-effect: in low doses, it

Sterlite Industries' proposed copper smelting unit and jetty are a threat to the well being of the people of Ratnagiri. A recent report on the unit supports the people's protest

DESPERATE to conserve energy, the West Bengal government is planning to follow Kerala in making energy audits compulsory for industries. According to government estimates, by 1996-97, power supply

The antedating of two fossils of Homo erectus our immediate ancestors has shaken a long held belief that humans originated in Africa

Meghalaya becomes a quarry for uncontrolled coal mining

A hypothesis that radiation from a nuclear plant caused leukaemia in the children of its employees has been trashed

Scientists have discovered an oestrogen derivative that controls tumours and could be effective against other diseases like arthritis

Entire tree species face the threat of extinction from the increasing concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide

A NEW batch of occupants has moved into Biosphere 2 -- the glass and steel structure enclosing 3 ha in Oracle, Arizona, where scientists are trying to create a miniature earth complete with rain