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The multinational ranks third but its performance cannot be a badge of success on its huge corporate shoulders

Far back in 1985, Hero Honda cd 100 was the first four-stroke bike to take a tentative step in the Indian market. Since then it's going great guns. The product has been rated the second best

Vehicle manufacturers conveniently outsource most of their polluting processes

The Indian auto industry has got stuck with obsolete engines. It needs a jump start

Global automakers have topped the charts but with products that would fail the green test in their own countries

Automakers score high on compliance. Only because the regulations are too lax

Pressures on wto from the environmental lobbies of the North have grown and the organisation has more or less caved in completely

A polluting industrial unit in Gujarat continues to operate, despite the state Pollution Control Board issuing notices to shut it down

As terrorists arm themselves with biological weapons, India wakes up to find how ill equipped it is to face this deadly reality

The Tamil Nadu government is planning to reopen all the polluting tanneries of the state, despite the Supreme Court (SC) ordering