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Only a few animals develop symptoms of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), similar to that seen in human beings. As a result, scientists are unable to test new drugs and vaccines against

Donald Black, a psychiatrist at the University of Iowa College of Medicine, and Susan McElroy, psychiatrist at the University of Cincinnati, claim to have found a drug to cure compulsive shoppers of

To strengthen the link between industry and R&D centres, a cess should be imposed on the pharmaceuticals industry whereby 2.5 per cent of its turnover is invested in research into new diseases. Also,

A 5-mw power plant fuelled by municipal garbage is being set up in south Madras. The project is a joint venture between the Newam Power Company Ltd and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development

Indian farmers are busy harvesting the booming demand for mushrooms. The problem is that it is a delicacy that is rather fastidious about its growing requirements

Two groups of US scientists have recorded frenetic action at the molecular level

COMMITMENT to the environment is visible in every page of this small book. Gitanjali Singhal doesn't merely take note of the fact that Delhi's green areas are in for trouble from human acts of

The recent exercise of expanding the list of polluting industries has come under flak as industries already on the list get away with defaulting

Three agricultural pesticides most widely used in the US will be reviewed for potential cancer risks by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Two of the pesticides -- atrazine and cyanazine -- are

A Texas-based company, Energy Biosystems Corporation, has recently patented a recombinant gene that it "hopes will help eliminate acid rain". By manipulating the DNA of soil bacteria of the genus