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Non-governmental organisations have accused the Union ministry of environment and forests (MEF) of succumbing to pressure from the Rajasthan mining lobby and de-reserving a part of the Sariska

The slaughter of Sariska effectively portrays the determination of the local people to halt the devastation wrought by mines.

A new project is analysing several natural parameters that aid the spread of malaria

Taxol, an effective anti cancer drug that was approved for use in the US last year, will soon be available in India at half the cost

IMAGINE a building swaying like a pendulum so that it doesn't crumble during an earthquake. Engineer Victor Zayas of Earthquake Protection Systems in San Francisco has designed just such a system

JUPITER will be the site of violent activity when fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit the planet in the second or third week of July. The once-in-a-millenium event will offer astronomers a grand

A recent finding shows that over 35 billion tonnes of 'mysteriously missing' carbon dioxide from fossil fuels burnt over four decades went to ground in the coniferous forests of the North.

A recent astronomical observation may prove to be the first sighting of a class of celestial bodies whose existence was postulated about two decades ago.

Outdated federal regulations make Indian reserves in Canada vulnerable to waste dumping from sly and better off surrounding communities

Fishes seem to be developing ways to detect and avoid high frequency sonars that trawlers use to locate them