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Nations finally draft a treaty to combat the use of toxic chemicals like DDT and PCBs, which are known for their damning health effects

the International Energy Agency ( iea ) based in Paris has undertaken a project in India to evolve indicators for energy use. The project aims to study patterns of energy use in various

Forest fragmentation can have detrimental effects on the flora and fauna, leading to a loss of biodiversity

As a first step, the new chief ministers should declare themselves the chief environmental officers CEOs of their states

Time chart of happenings prior to the filing of the case for relocation 1962: The first master plan is brought out. Talks of creating new industrial areas. Nothing happens. 1977: A letter

Court blames the authorities. Every one passes the buck

Polluting industries in West Bengal face the threat of closure after years of free for all

industries should work towards helping cancer patients as they are the one who are responsible for the rising cases of cancer amongst industrial workers. A decision to this effect was taken

Is the RJF extinct in the wild?

New rules to restrict the use of plastic in India may end up promoting the polymer industry