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An expert team report exposes highly dangerous pollution inflicted by a chemical plant on the environment of Sayala in Gujarat

In India, the issue of food security has always been intimately involved with that of ecological degradation. In 1he late '60s and early'70s, the green revolution was introduced to increase food

THE National Front (NF)the opposition alliance (between the JanataDal (it)) and some regional parties)led by V P Singhcame to power atthe Centre in 1989. The JD'S environmental concernsone of themost

The multicrore 1,000 MW Cogentrix the power project in Nandikur village air Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka. In the ecologically fragile Western Ghats - has been a centre of

Sources say caste politics has a lot to do with the current interest shown by Bihar's Janata Dal (JD) government in getting the 710 MW Koel-Karo hydel project through. Chief minister Laloo Prasad

VIRTUALLY routed in the 1984 parliamentarry electionsthe BharatiyaJanata Party (Bip) made a remarkable comeback in the 1989 and1991polls. The party also came topower in four states in the

BJP's policies on science and technology (1991 manifesto) have come a long way from those envisioned in the 1984 elections. With a clear pro-urban bias, the 1984 manifesto had promised to evolve

An agitation against the O"pur dam (at the cortfluence of Banas and Dal II Tonk district Rajasthan, has not @etl@, a sympathetic chord with the stake govem- ment The dam, which envisages

"On Enron, a single message has been delivered: any or every deal will survive only on the strength of its merit and not on the capacity to corrupt us or that of threats by any super power,"

WE HAVE a perspectivebut nopolicieson environmentdeclares Sitarain Yechury, the suave Communist Party of India-Marxist (cpi-m) politburo member. Green causes, till now, have lain low on the