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The damage that textile production causes to the environment has been a bone of contention for environ

The industry begrudges being left in the dark about the Cabinet s decision to form an environment appellate authority competent to tackle complaints and hearings on developmental projects

RELEASED at the Food Summit in Rome in November 1996, the book presents a disturbing account of India's agricultural production status and mismanagement of resources by the government. The book,

In this paper, the brothers Ashish and Miloon Kothari have ably examined the effects of the new economic policy (nep) on India's environment during the post-reform period (1991-1995). They strike

the Central Pollution Control Board (cpcb) has refuted some findings of the latest Greenpeace report regarding the chlorine industry. It has questioned the claims made by the report that the

Once found in abundance, the oil sardine is another victim to exploitation

Experts agree that the main inherent problem in the issue of the relocation of industries from Delhi is the failure of government officials to implement the relevant laws which prohibit setting up of

The Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, has developed a bioreactor technology that would help increase output in gold mines. Metallurgy involving bioabsorption and bioremediation is a cheaper

A weak environmental regime in Brazil allows free rein to Asian logging companies to plunder through the Amazon forests

An Indo US biodiversity research project contract has stirred up a hornet's nest