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India was the first country in the world to make environmental audits mandatory, hoping it would encourage industry to shift from pollution control to process efficiency

The manner in which marijuana and heroin affect the brain can provide useful clues to developing more effective painkillers.

FARMERS are exploiting a loophole in the European Community's new common agricultural policy, which grants them crop subsidies to leave their land fallow so as to reduce oilseed production.

VARIOUS studies indicate that the risk of contracting AIDS during receiving or providing dental treatment is negligible because in the past decade worldwide, only 5 patients -- and all from a

The Kerala government decided constructing the Ambalur-Keecheri dam in Ernakulam district would remedy the decline in paddy production. Instead, the dam has accelerated damage to the crop. The

After generating a lot of scientific interest worldwide, neem is now attracting pesticide manufacturers and pharmaceuticals keen to exploit its various properties.

Neem provides a cheap and harmless mosquito repellent that is effective against the malaria carrying Anopheles species, which is becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides.

A wilderness park nurtured carefully by a former maharaja of Bhavnagar looks decrepit today, with its resources plundered and its wildlife dwindling.

WHICH wildlife sanctuary in India is the world's only floating sanctuary? And, did you know the giant clam lays one billion eggs at a time? These are some of the fascinating facts on natural life put

TEMPTED by projections that the number of air passengers will double in the next 10 years, but daunted by the US $10 billion price tag of a super jumbo jet with a carrying capacity of 800