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Porous layers of slurry, zapped with electricity, may revolutionise the treatment of contaminated clay soils

MANOJ Kumar, the son of a brick kiln worker, shows the perspicacity of one much older than his 14 years. He not only won both the biodiversity competitions held at Gangagarh, he also topped his class. Manoj spoke to Down To Earth about his motivations and

The aurora borealis is caused not by solar flares but by gigantic portions of the corona flowing out of the Sun

Simple urine and blood tests could soon be used to detect cancer. Scientists at the Boston Children's Hospital and the Harvard Medical School have detected increased levels of a tumour-related

METHANE, a key greenhouse gas that has been growing alarmingly in the atmosphere, suddenly stopped in its track beginning 1992. Although previous studies had shown that the rate of methane increase

The iron ore industry in Goa may be asked to cough up the costs for cleaning up the environmental mess it has made. The Goan government is considering a proposal to impose an environment tax on the

Fitness-conscious mothers can now safely put aside doubts and swing to Jane Fonda's aerobics. According to a study conducted over 12 weeks by a team of American researchers, lactating mothers run no

The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has been charged with disturbing the flora and fauna in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Goregaon near the Film City for a proposed conservation education

Life on earth may have started after an asteroid banged into her. Scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California say that an asteroid collided with Earth between 3.6 and 4

The people dependent for sustenance on Delhi's largest green belt, "the Ridge", are trapped in the power-grabbing crossfire between the Delhi Administration and various other agencies. The Delhi