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An unusual power generator that will be a net consumer of power is planned near New York City to ease the situation during peak demand periods

Alchemists have succeeded in fashioning the high-tech version of the Philosopher's Stone: they can now make diamond films out of soot and a gas named argon. Chemist Dieter M Gruen's magic recipe:

Visible celestial bodies account only for about 10 per cent of the total mass of the universe. Astronomers scouring the heavens for the remaining invisible "dark matter" may have now spotted some of

Some bats could well be making the belfries they live in. Jae Choe of Harvard University has recently discovered in Panama a bat (Uroderma bilobatum) that constructs sophisticated wigwams in several

In the the first survey of its kind in the country, the Hyderabad-based National Remote Sensing Agency (nrsa) has prepared detailed maps of the underground fires that have raged in the Jharia

A British firm has developed a needle-less disposable syringe that administers drugs painlessly (New Scientist, Vol 143, No 1944). The new jabber is a pen-shaped device with a button on top. When

Lead-free petrol, which the ministry of environment :nd forests (MEF) is All: seeking to introduce in W, the 4 major metrop titan cities by April 1, 1995, is hazardous to health, says H B Mathur,

There are many organisations in India that work towards mitigating the effects of natural disasters

Over the next few years, ozone loss is projected to go from to worse

A new instrument makes the task of monitoring ozone levels easier