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Not once has the ministry of environment and forests taken a strong stand, shown results

An estimated 8,000 babies are born with neural defects every year in Rajasthan. Most of them die within a few months of birth. They are lucky. Because those who survive suffer from grave deformities. S G Kabra, physician at the Indian Institute of Health

In the last 50 years, India s population has registered a three fold increase

With an eye on the drought situation that has gripped India, the United Nations (UN)

a biological diversity bill has

If there is one country that has done quite well for itself in managing the natural environment throughout its history, it is Japan. But the run up to modernisation has changed things. Success has its cost too much of it can be too costly. A

Do you want a country full of cars? Cars cause cancer. Scientists can even measure the cancer potency levels of the cars we ride. The so called cancer potency index has emerged as an important tool for risk assessment the world over. But think twice bef

Rich nations refuse to contribute funds to clean the planet of lethal organic pollutants

There s more to diesel than cancer. And at the receiving end is poor people

India needs to have a hard look at the sources of all its varied traditional knowledge and how to protect them