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FIVE projects in the country are under review as per the recent Supreme Court order directing the Central government to appoint separate scientific teams to verify the environmental viability of

Over the last three months, nearly 10,000 auto-rickshaws have been taken off the

The English said it before. And the Australians have said it now. But the fact remains that New Delhi continues to display its polluted profile to visiting cricketers, so much so that the Australian

Bellary in Karnataka, targeted by industrial houses for development , death and devastation, needs an organised resistance to the mayhem

• Compulsory afforestation by lessees • Blanket ban on mining in forest areas • Revision of mining royalty rates concurrent with steel prices • Mandatory ecological measures

Disasters occur in cycles, suggests a recent study. A discovery by resear

The Supreme Court of India recently expressed concern over the growing number of industrial units in Dahanu, the

Indian industrialists, from Bajaj to the Tatas and Birlas, have walked away with environmental rape, partly because they lack conscience

The world s first lignite based power plant in Madras offers a viable alternative to high cost natural gas and to coal based plants which emit greenhouse gases

In a country so sharply divided between wealth and poverty, luxury and survival, the widening gap between what politicians say and what they do will lead to disaster