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The use of clean fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) instead of biomass-based fuels used for cooking in India would be beneficial in several ways. However, only about 33.6 million or 17.5% of all Indian homes use LPG as their primary cooking fuel, with 90% of rural homes still dependent on some form of biomass.

World trade negotiations are bound to be more multilateral

If threats could cure, then Karnataka's capital would be a town-planner's delight, instead of the metropolitan mess that it is. Azim Premji, head of Wipro Corporation, has threatened to pull out the

Recent efforts by China to build more coal-fired power plants is reversing years of improvements in controlling pollution. And that's not all. Neighbouring countries, too, have to suffer the

Isn t a good fillip to growth also cultural in nature?

Or the forecasting system?

A drawn out court case raises questions about India s animal quarantine managers

The Maharashtra government will be distributing Soil Health Cards to 20,000 farmers in 100 select villages as part of the Krishi Saptak initiative launched last year. Based on soil studies, the cards

The G 20 bloc of nations faces new challenges

A recent letter from a reader has disturbed me enormously. B P Radhakrishna, president of the Geological Society of India, in response to a story in Down To Earth about how drought was affecting