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SCIENTISTS delving deep into molecular structure, have for the first time now a tool to study single molecules at room temperature (Nature, Vol 369, No 6475). Earlier, scientists using

Check dams have yielded rich dividends for Hivare

A technology for preserving food relies on creating a hostile environment for bacteria and fungi in whose presence food goes bad

A Chinese medicinal plant known as long ago as 168 BC has been found successful in checking malaria, which is becoming increasingly resistant to most drugs

In a complete reversal of its stand, the union ministry of environment and forests (MEF) has cleared the 73.5 mw Pooyamkutty hydroelectric project in Idukki district in Kerala, endangering about

...A recent discovery is the first confirmation of the long held belief that planets such as Earth may exist in other parts of the universe

Growing awareness in industry about the potential of enzymes might lead to their synthetic production

As India goes into economic overdrive, the urban explosion and its attendant traffic nightmares cry out for a radical alternative. DERK J VAN DER LAAN presents the case for the cheap and ecofriendly bicycle

THE AIDS drug zidovudine can retard the transmission of the AIDS-causing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from a mother to her foetus, a recent study reveals (Journal of the American Medical

The bicycle is going places in the Netherlands as the Dutch pedal hard towards a clean option