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A new study suggests that the more the number of hosts a parasite feeds on, the more virulent it becomes

France has 58 million people living in 22 regions, 96 departments (counties) and 36,000 municipalities, varying in population size from 100 to 2 million. Two-thirds of the municipalities have less

A cure for influenza and a substance harder than diamond: two of the products conjured up by designer science

National political parties are often accused of neglecting the environment. Recently, the Bharatiya Janata Party began campaigning against two new industrial units in Maharashtra and demonstrated how it was able to garner popular support by exploiting gre

Nearly a decade after N C Mehta filed a public interest petition for the closure of industrial units in Agra, whose atmospheric pollutants he alleged were damaging the Taj Mahal, the Supreme Court

THOSE who wax lyrical about the superior sound quality of compact discs over records or vice versa, do so merely for the sake of argument, conclude German music psychologists who found that only one

SAVE WILD peanuts, enrich your soil. That's the latest slogan being drummed out by agronomists across the world. They have found that wild peanuts, most of which come from South America, are well

A significant proportion of food products in India, especially infant food products, has been found to be contaminated by poisonous substances

Scientists are trying to integrate a new type of circuits called reversible circuits into computers to make them more energy efficient

With the unravelling of how fertilisation occurs in sea urchins, scientists may now better understand the reproduction process in higher mammals, including humans