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A bacterium that causes botulism can be used to temporarily banish wrinkles (Asian Wall Street Journal, Nov 9, 1992). While treating a patient with dystonia -- a condition characterised by severe

Technological advances allow biologists to sit in their labs and monitor animal movements.

LARGE-SCALE manufacture, transportation and application of chemical fertilisers are energy-intensive processes, which is why the hike in oil prices has made them more expensive. Moreover, the vast

Social radical that he was, Phule's memory lives on, despite accusations that he was pro British and casteist. But most of his followers are unable to see his philosophy in its entirety.

Spacecraft Ulysses passed the largest planet in the solar system and picked up a rich haul of information before heading for the sun on its primary mission.

Forest officials are confronted with the spread of a weed that stifles tree growth but is useful for making baskets.

Scientists at the University of California, Irvine, have made the world's smallest battery -- about the size of the common-cold virus (Science, Vol 257 No 5074). Chemist Reginald Penner and his

A dispute over a plot demarcation has highlighted the problem of protecting privately owned forests in Himachal.

Anna in Marathi means brother and Kishan Baburao Hazare is lovingly known as Anna Hazare in Ralegan Siddhi, the village in Maharashtra's Ahmednagar district that he helped transform from poverty to

The oxidising property of cigarette and chulha smoke is one of the factors being linked by researchers to the formation of eye cataract.