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Controlling the polluting sulphur emissions of ships has become imperative after recent research has proved that they are as harmful as the potent greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. One way to control the pollution is the use of abatement technology that trea

Rules abate mercury pollution

After finding high levels of dioxin related compounds in breast milk of women living near landfills, a Vadodara based non governmental organisation intends to file a public interest litigation PIL against the Gujarat Pollution Control Board and the Vado

The Kerala government has taken another decentralising step. It has handed over exclusive rights of mining and sale of sand from riverbeds to local bodies. The state's minister for revenue, K M Mani,

Green Studies: The Supreme Court has directed all states to include environment as a subject in school and college syllabi from the next academic year. It has also directed the National Council for

Will biodiversity hotspots such as the Himalaya become hunting grounds of the notorious mining industry? This concern has been raised by experts in the wake of research advocating that the probability of finding large quantities of sulphide ores of metall

Reflecting upon the fifth ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization at Cancun, a Down To Earth editorial see: "How not to lose all", October 1

WB s U turn on hydropower

The coal industry faces several problems which, if not tackled expeditiously, will only worsen in the years to come

After neglecting the north east for years, Delhi now feels the need to initiate developmental activities in the region. There is good reason. Indo Chinese ties are improving. Moreover, a sub regional economic grouping comprising India, China, Myanmar