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ARE flowers no longer pure symbols of beauty or spirituality? The facts revealed in the book, though preliminary, present a sad story of the flower export industry in the Third World

The Aral Sea crisis exemplifies " creeping environmental problems", and unless India's environment ministers devote more time to natural resource management, we will multiply tragedies like Kalahandi and Palamau

The Saiga adivasis of Ghanneri village, living in Achanakmar sanctuary area of Bilaspur, have nothing but their undying spirit of struggle to fall back upon. Many at them, basods by profession

PREDICTIONS of the Union ministry of agriculture foresee India as the third biggest rice exporter in the world in the next financial year after the us and Thailand. It is estimated that

The bid to reafforest the Himalayas could actually backfire on its ecology. Exotic plants which have the ability to grow rapidly and used for the programme are having an anis on the soil, water

TOUGHENING their Stand against any measures which could Ultimately displace them are the tribals of four hamlets - Rallavalasa, Karagavalasa, Tuburti and Nimmalapadu - in Visakhapatnam, Andhra

THERE may be hope yet for the swiftlet, a small Indian bird found only in the Andaman and Nicobar islands, which is in danger of becoming endangered. TRAFFIc-India. a branch of Twmc-international

THE latest statement of the Konkan Railway Corporation (KRC) based in Goa, regarding the delay of the execution of the 760 krn Roha-Mangalore railway route due to key consructional hazards have

Rock groups Genesis, REM, the Cranberries, Seal and others have nowded exclusive now tracks for an that almsto raisefunds to help save the world's rainforests. The Earthwise M - released