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THE ministry of environment and forests has undertaken 'carrying capacity' studies in several environmentally sensitive areas like the Doon valley, the national capital region of Delhi, the

The laying out of a golf course on Japan's Amami-Oshama island - the 2nd one there - may push the Amami black hare, the oldest species of hare in the world, to the brink of extinction.

THE World Bank (WR) has admitted that its assessment of the Sardar Sarovar Project did not adhere to many of its own guidelines. In an internal memo prepared by the Operations Evaluations

PROMISCUOUSLY cohabiting gene pools were on the verge of ensuring that tigers would never be the same again; what saved the day was the Central Zoo Authority's (CZA) new scientific action plan

The certainty about the first confirmed case of AIDS is over

The Vankars of Gujarat have reclaimed saline wastelands in Gujarat after 9 years of bloody struggle

A new theory on how life moved from sea to land

Intensive prawn monoculture has repeatedly seen epidemics wiping out entire crops, or drastically reducing production. In Taiwan, aquaculture has boomed since 1984 and production reached 100,000

Commercial exploitation is virtually destroying biodiversity

The hopes and aspirations of 1,200 adivasis were reduced to ashes on January 25 this year, when a fire devastated 121 ha of forest area in Motewadi village situated in the Pune district of