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Contrasting sentiments marked the opening of the 19th World Mining Congress in New Delhi on November 1. President A P J Abdul Kalam warmly welcomed potential foreign investors as he inaugurated the five-day mega meet. But the event got a cold reception fr

Rice the staple food of 65 per cent of India s population is in for a revolution. An Indian firm has developed a technique to develop genetically modified GM hybrids of the crop. If the method is given a green signal by the officials, then rice may

The Sensex stock index has risen by 75 per cent since April this year. The rupee is at a three year high. Global investment analysts Goldman Sachs predict that India is the fastest growing of the

In November 2001, the Environment Pollution Prevention and Control Authority EPCA was directed by the Supreme Court to constitute an agency to independently carry out random inspection at petrol pumps, oil depots and tank lorries in Delhi. The agenc

India is all set to gift another ayurvedic preparation to a market that is decidedly turning herbal

A conference for the common good the mainstream media ignored

US pollution laws are inadequate, reveals EPA report

I t's not economic and political challenges alone that the eu countries plan to face together. They also intend putting up a united front against the growing threat of pollution. The European

IT WAS a fast track venture that sought to get round procedures perfunctorily, even if this meant fudging environmental impact assessments EIAs and doctoring public hearings. No wonder the Karnataka government has had to ground the Dandeli Mini Hydel Po

Women of Latur exemplify how people alone can put an end to their misery