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Chinese herbs relieve cancer patients

Not very long ago, shrimp was plebeian grub. Oldtimers in the south still remember that it was but small courtesy for toddy sellers to give half-a-dozen shrimps free with a bottle of the best.

Tribal herdsmen, who are naturally closer to nature, can lead on the path towards sustainability

With the 4th un Conference on Women and the ngo Forum on Women (Beijing) round the corner, the New York-based Women's Environment and Development Organisation (wedo) has launched the 180 Days/180

A new machine helps quadriplegics move through electric impulses

Scientists discover why photovoltaic cells will never beat the green leaves

A new fossils throws open the debate on Homo erectus

Warped placements of the green and red cones makes a person colourblind. As a result, 1 colour is replaced by black enhancing the brightness of the other. Scientists at Aston University in the

Researchers at the National Cancer Centre Research Institute, Tokyo, and the Chiba University School of Medicine in Japan, have made a significant discovery which may help correct genetic disorders

Folk remedies, which for long used moulds and fungi for patching up wounds, have been discovered to have a scientific basis. Researchers at the British Textile Technology Group in Manchester hope to