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How successful will the state's crop deversification scheme be?

PepsiCo endangers biodiversity hotspot in Gulf of Mannar

The centrality of the Northeast to India's ambitious national electrification plan cannot be overstated, since the region will be required to generate about 60 per cent of the total power produced through some 45 mega hydroelectricity projects. In the pro

A unique map of India is in the process of being put together

For long the victims of poverty, hunger and institutional neglect, the dwindling tribe of Pahari Korbas now has another menace to contend with

Are the Bawarias of Rajasthan hunters, nomads or a tribe of criminals?

Even the womb fails to protect

Recently Arun Jaitley identified agriculture and investment as the two main issues for next month s World Trade Organization ministerial conference in Cancun, Mexico. Jaitley is India s union minister of commerce and industry, and head of the Indian dele

With the southeastern parts of Bangladesh experiencing a number of mild to moderate tremors since July 27, it is feared that a major earthquake is set to rock the region in the near future

India to restrict movement of old cargo ships