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In an ambitious Italian-US experiment, the crew of space shuttle Atlantis tried to release an Italian-made satellite tethered by a 20-km copper cord into orbit -- and failed, when the release

Acquiring prime forest land near town and highway and then selling it at an exorbitant price has become routine in the state

PHYSIOTHERAPY researchers in Australia have developed a device that can predict the probability of back pain in humans. Many devices can measure spinal muscle functions, such as

Catalysts for Change, a 13 part film series produced by the Centre for the Development of Instructional Technology, covers the gamut of problems that plague the country and its people

The silver ant -- Cataglyphis bombycina -- is the undertaker of the Sahara desert -- a role it has been forced to adopt because of its own body limitations and because of a small lurking, desert

THE COUNTRY'S first-ever agitation on the right to defecate has come to a sorry end. Residents of a slum in Ashok Vihar, a north Delhi colony, find themselves sandwiched between a court verdict

STEWART Cole and his team of scientists at the Pasteur Institute in Paris have discovered that the absence of a single large gene is responsible for making certain strains of tuberculosis

A comprehensive study deplores that health care has become a marketable commodity

PIGS MAY may now rule the heart's of men. Dr David White, an immunologist and lecturer in clinical surgery at Cambridge University in UK, has discovered a way of transferring human genes to

OXFORD researchers have found children are more likely to inherit asthma and hay fever from mothers than fathers. The gene responsible, found on chromosome 11, is only active when inherited from