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NEXT YEAR, a longer-lasting and more efficient bulb known as the electronic light, or "E-Lamp," will hit the US market. A magnetic coil generates a radio signal that interacts with the gas inside the

Annual rainfall is declining in some parts of the country and increasing in others. While the overall effect may be negligible, such trends could result in significant changes locally.

Farmers in India are using 25 times the amount of water that agricultural scientists say is needed to produce paddy. Improper irrigation methods and misconceptions are the stated reasons for the high wastage of a scarce resource.

STAR MOSS, a primitive organism without roots or a vascular system that is common in the forests of North America, contains genes that could be used to engineer drought resistance in crops. Molecular

Scientists are fighting the uzi fly, a parasite of the silkworm, with a wasp like insect that can help reduce that menace of the uzi fly, a parasite of the silkworm.

An Oxford biologist says sexes exist to prevent chaos within cells during reproduction. And why only two sexes? Because life would get too complicated otherwise.

Can earthquakes be forecast? After investing one billion dollars in a 30-year earthquake prediction programme, Japanese scientists have virtually admitted failure (Nature, Vol 358 No 6835). A

The belief that more girls die of diseases because of neglect is not necessarily true, according to a study of measles in rural Senegal. The study suggests the severity of the disease is determined

Scientists at the US National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory have developed a portable laser scanner than can accurately measure soil roughness, a key determinant of erosion. The laser scans the

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