VC speaks on conserving sensitive areas of W Ghats
Mangalore University Vice Chancellor Prof K Byrappa inaugurates the international conference on

The current water level in the dam is 84.75 ft, down from 105.57 ft in the corresponding period last year.

The study points out that wastage due to leakages and indiscriminate use is adding to the growing problem.

The Karnataka Biodiversity Board and the Western Ghats Task Force have entrusted the CES with the task to undertake the biodiversity mapping of Uttara Kannada.

The lush forests and towering hills of the Western Ghats not only play an important role in capturing and storing rainwater, but are also crucial to the amount of rain falling in Bengaluru and othe

The study, conducted by Prof T V Ramachandra, Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc along with Uttam Kumar and Anandita Dasgupta, showed that the dense forest areas in the northern, central and sout

In a major breakthrough, researchers of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, have identified a protein - Rv1860 - which can stimulate protective immunity against tuberculosis (TB).

Departments claim they have know-how for undertaking task
eco watch The frothing due to the flow of chemical effluents into the Bellandur lake has been a cause for concern.

Three long-haul flights of approximately 10 hours each can generate up to one tonne of waste

BENGALURU: Gangotri glacier, the source of Ganges, has been out of reach for scientists for conducting proper field studies all these years, mainly because of its sheer size and inaccessibility.