According to data released on Thursday by the Central Water Commission, the average water table in these reservoirs has been less than last year's level as well as the average of last 10 years duri

India recently initiated an investigation into dumping of solar panels from China, Malaysia, Taiwan

State continues to be on high alert as the meteorological department has forecast more rains

The incessant rain created a flood-like situation in some villages in Vidarbha, while places such as Bramhapuri (208 mm) and Chandrapur (96 mm) were reported among the wettest in the country.

As the Monsoon reached in active phase in most parts of the country, heavy to very heavy rainfall has increased the chances of floods even in central and northwest India over next 10 days.

Heavy rain is expected in Odisha and neighbouring areas, raising the possibility of floods, as a depression was set to hit the state on Tuesday night.

In line with rising carbon dioxide concentrations, global temperatures have also rocketed, with 2016 being the hottest year since records were systematically maintained from 1880.

Tiny temperature rise can make mass deaths twice as likely; unchecked emissions can expose 3/4ths of humanity to deadly heatwaves.

As many as 350 houses submerged; 84 families evacuated; schools closed

However, the temperature rise in India is sober considering that the world is on track for far more warming.