One dead in city after slab collapses on him; two kids die in Raigad roof-crash; two bodies found on Kashid beach Sunday's downpour may have been considerably lighter than the previous day

It's time to rejoice, as the pre-monsoon showers lashed the city since the wee hours, bringing welcome relief to residents. According to the predictions of the weathermen, the showers will continue in spells for another 48 hours. Mr GC Debnath, director of Regional Meteorological Centre Alipore said, "Till 8.30 a.m. the rainfall recorded is 72.4 mm and it is expected the maximum temperature will remain around 32 degree Celsius.'

The IMD, on Thursday, issued a cyclone warning to the ports and fishermen on the Maharashtra-Goa coast for a period 24 hours, ending Friday 1 pm. The IMD office website advised fishermen "not to go out in the sea during the next 24 hours'. Explaining that the sea would be very rough with south-easterly waves, the website warned, "Winds will be of speed 45-55 kmph, temporarily reaching 65 kmph in gusts.'

In a significant upgradation of its agromet services for farmers, the Government will now provide district specific weather information with a longer-range forecast that will enable them to manage agricultural practices in a more efficient way. Science and Technology Minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday launched the upgraded agromet services provided by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) and the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (NCMWRF), in all districts of the country.

The agriculture productivity in the country could be in for some significant improvement, with the Union Science and Technology Ministry on Wednesday launching a new agro-meteorological advisory service, which promises to offer more precise advice to farmers. So far, the agro-met advisory service was operating at the level of agro-climatic zones. Now, it will operate at a smaller scale. From now on, it will offer district-wise advisories. Considerable variations

Is Cherrapunji, Meghalaya's most attractive tourist destination, losing its status as the wettest place on Earth? For over a century, Sohra, the local name for Cherrapunji, has been described in the geography textbooks as a place that receives the highest annual rainfall in the globe. However, in recent times, the status of Cherrapunji has been challenged, as records of high rainfall reported at Hawiian islands and coastal Cameroon regions.

Rare Interaction Among 3 Weather Systems Generated Bounty: Experts Most Delhiites couldn't stop shaking their heads in disbelief as they beheld cloudy skies yet again on Saturday evening. Just where is all the rain coming from has been the most asked question this May with repeated thunderstorms creating Shimla-like conditions instead of the burning high 40s that mark summer.

WE ARE a country that always believed that summer monsoons were something that the rain gods deigned. In the past, if the monsoons failed and ricocheted on agriculture (the backbone of our economy) and impacted on food prices, we had few options. But of late, there's been a sea change in that whole perception. The change is qualitative, in consonance with sudden and volatile climactic developments.

In a recast mode, the Indian Met dept will soon dole out critical inputs which will determine the performance of key sectors. Prabha Jagannathan checks out the all-new weather man JUNE is perhaps the most gruelling month for people above the Vindhyas. It

the Indian Meteorological Department (imd) has predicted a normal monsoon for this year. But such predictions are known to fail often. A recent study says predictions fail because most models do not