NEW DELHI: Indore has been ranked as the cleanest city in India+ while Gonda in Uttar Pradesh has been ranked the dirtiest among 434 cities, a government survey has found.

इस साल के स्वच्छता सर्वेक्षण के नतीजों से पता चला है कि सफाई के मामले में देश के कई शहरों में बड़ा उलटफेर हुआ है। इस बार मध्य प्रदेश का इंदौर पहले नंबर पर और भोपाल दूसरे नंबर पर रहा है, जबकि तीसरा

HOSHANGABAD: Assembly speaker Dr Sitasharan Sharma said that the youths are more in number in all over the country, the country runs from democracy therefore to improve the environment the youth sh

INDORE: Ahead of Diwali, the regional Pollution Control Board (PCB) has started monitoring air and noise pollution levels in the city. The drive started this week will extend till October 30.

INDORE: A proposal to install air monitoring stations at 3 new locations in Indore has been sent to the Central Pollution Control Board.

NDORE: Indore bench of High Court was informed on Monday that excessive industrialisation in the state was causing health problems to people living in Pithampur and other industrial areas.

Indore: In order to motivate people to install solar panels in their homes, the state government has come up with a scheme of subsidies.

Indore: Aiming to promote use of renewable source of energy in Smart City, Indore municipal corporation (IMC) plans to set-up solar panels at multilevel parking and on rooftops to generate electric

INDORE: Changing lifestyles, increased stress and decreased physical activity have led to a significant rise in obesity among people living in urban areas in the state in the last decade.

INDORE: The Indore bench of high court on Monday issued notices to six authorities including chief secretary of urban administration and development department, over a petition alleging submission