Toxic alcohols waft in from industrialised world

The Centre for Science and Environment s Green Rating Project team has rated the cement industry. Its findings uncovered some surprises. The traditional wisdom was that the industry had to be a big time polluter. But what emerged was a more nuanced pictur

When prashant krishnan, vinita garg, aditya jha, gurpreet singh and neeraj kumar set out to map Mayapuri s drainage,they had no inkling that new lessons on sewerage would be in the offing

Apartments mushroom on contaminated industrial sites

Eucalyptus helps remove chromium

Pali is a textile town deep in water scarce Rajasthan. It is well known for the cloth it produces. But it is even better known for the filth it also produces, best seen in the colours in its mostly

Brickmaking is a profit driven enterprise. At one level, it produces the basis of the built up world. But what of the hidden ecological and social costs of making a brick? vikas parashar delves into the many aspects of wha

In a violent uprising against industrial pollution, thousands of farmers in eastern China's Huaxi village clashed with nearly 3,000 police personnel before dawn on April 10, 2005, when the latter

This is a story about Delhi and the Yamuna, about the relationship between one of India’s richest cities and one of her most revered rivers. The plot is an economical one: the Yamuna stretches 22 kilometres along Delhi, but after Rs 55 crore to Rs 75 cror

Factories smugly carry on polluting villages around capital city