Researchers discuss whether the use of information technology has helped enhance productivity

A method has been developed that would help convert carbon dioxide (CO2 ) into gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The process developed by the Osaka National Research Institute, Japan,

Researchers are developing smart shock absorbers that would smooth out bumps experienced by moving vehicles. Bayer, a chemicals company in Leverkusen, Germany, has developed an electro-rheological

A technique to produce unnatural rain is being worked out in Mexico by researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado, USA and several universities in Mexico. They

A spacecraft developed by NASA would glide down to the Earth without any engine power

A recently developed device will keep toxic gases away while driving

Horizontal drilling is a cost effective method to clear out polluted sites

A new chemical method would enhance the performance of catalytic converters

Photo on the NetSubscribers would now be able to order photographs on the Internet. Eastman Kodak, a Germany based company, has launched services that would allow paid subscribers to store their

British researchers have developed a technique that would enable computers to recognise the voice of users and work accordingly. Andrew Bangham of the School of Infor