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Dow Chemical Co., the world's fifth-largest chemicals company, entered alliances with Biosource Technologies Inc. and Illinois Foundation Seeds Inc. in a bid to catch up with rivals Monsanto Co. and

The U.S. State Department has cast doubt on North Korea's claim that the object it launched on August 31 over Japan was a satellite and not a missile. At the time of the launch, U.S. agencies

Japan's Mininstry of Transport's Ship Research Institute said it has developed a new composite ceramic material for use in the combustion chamber of small diesel engines. the new material is 10 times

A joint team of Japanese and Chinese scientists has discovered a type of filamentous bacteria living at the South Pole. The bacteria remain hardy in cold climates and secrete a type of cellulose

Federal agencies are reporting progress in fixing their computers to cope with the Year 2000 (Y2K) problem, but some of them are exaggerating what they have done, according to independent federal

Concern over the deployment mechanism for the high-gain communication antenna on the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft has caused NASA managers to consider postponing the antenna's deployment in order

US Navy researchers have developed a non-polluting rocket fuel that uses alcohol to ignite hydrogen peroxide, and scientists say, a variation might one day propel

Senior officials in Russia's space programme have horrified the Americans with plans to extend the life of the accident-prone Mir space station. The American National Aeronautics Space Administration

Pakistan can testfire its medium range Shaheen missile any time as all preparations have been completed, media reports said on Sunday. "We can conduct the first test-fire of Sheheen missile any time,

Ordinary garden spinach could be used to neutralise dangerous explosives,according to US scientists. The technique could prove safer,cheaper and more environmentally friendly than any disposal