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A NEW anti-tobacco strategy by the Canadian government involves a series of tough measures. Hiking tobacco taxes, extending a surtax on tobacco manufacturers' profits and banning tobacco

Even as cigarette companies are facing strict regulations, other tobacco products seem to have a free run. The Rajasthan High Court recently issued show cause notices to the central government,

The re entry of Cray generates much heat in the Indian supercomputer industry

Modern industrial design, pandering to essentially Western consumer led markets, has spelt doom for the environment. The author, therefore, argues for a return to greener traditional design

India's economic reforms are making a heady progress. Since the announcement of the new economic policy, 31,196 Industrial Investment Intentions, including those for export oriented units, have been

Irrespective of the costs incurred, corporate planning would do well to take into account the setting up of an effective pollution control mechanism

scores of books have

A presidential announcement has probably dealt the American tobacco industry its biggest blow till date: in a declaration aimed at providing some long-term relief to the millions reeling from

yummy utensils: Instead of wiping their dishes and bowls clean, people can now munch and chew them up after meals. A Taiwanese inventor, Chen Liang has launched edible containers made of wheat

The cotton industry in the country is poised for a big boost after passing through decades of slump in production. As part of the revival plan, the government will give land to large investors.