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The recent exercise of expanding the list of polluting industries has come under flak as industries already on the list get away with defaulting

To encourage industrial units to provide accurate information in their environment audits, the government may soon amend the format of the environmental statement. The submission of the environment

The triumvirate of the American automobile industry, General Motors, Chrysler Corp and Ford Moors, have joined hands with the Clinton administration to develop a "safe, high-performance supercar"

The land of proletarian bicycles might soon be taken over by cars, which will bring in their wake the problems of pollution and dwindling energy supplies

A tip from nature brings better insulation for industries

The green credentials of Body Shop, a highly successful British cosmetics company with a chain of 1,100 outlets in 45 countries, took a beating with allegations of flimsy environmental standards. The

Indian industries have begun to step up AIDS-awareness measures for their estimated 60 million strong workforce. A study by the Punjab, Haryana and Delhi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI)

Opening the refrigerator door can sometimes be a smelly jolt and conventional deodorants are not much help. But now a Japanese firm, Arromic Co Ltd, has come up with a ceramic-based deodorant that

The department of electronics (DoE) has decided to encourage copycatting, going head-on against the international go-ahead given to software developers to zealously guard their products to prevent

Incinerating unrecyclable waste plastic is environmentally the most benign way of disposing of it, new experiments show (New Scientist, Vol 143, No 1932). Europe's Association of Plastic