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Environment ministry guidelines state that many of the adverse impacts of thermal plants can be foreseen and minimised through judicious siting, preventive and control

Trapped and exploited by dollar hungry exporters, a child carpet weaver's work ends when the sun goes down. Only then is he free to have his first and perhaps only meal of the day

ERSTWHILE communist Germany finds to its concern that it really is greener on the other side. Germany's ever-strict pollution control measures have given rise to severe problems for the five states

SIX ASBESTOS companies have been convicted by a Baltimore Circuit Court jury in what is expected to be a model for the over 100,000 asbestos personal injury claims pending before federal and state

Biotechnology, which holds the answers to many persistent problems such as controlling disease and increasing food production, has tremendous potential in cash strapped India. But to succeed, it needs a helping hand from industry.

MOST OF the world believes industry can only harm the environment, Stephen Schmidheiny disagrees and in Changing Course, he explains why. The main theme of his book is that governments and industry

Given the rich California's zero emission target of 1998, manufacturers have started producing eco friendly cars

Who should benefit from biotechnology? The South, where the genes originate, or the North, with its massive gene banks? Commercial interests carried the day

TODAY, the world seems to be divided into two groups: those who believe in the restrained use of natural resources as they are finite and those who hold that human technological intervention can

Polluters of the environment are now increasingly being regarded as criminals. In New Jersey, there's a new breed of police personnel who are authorised to book them