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MEN with low sperm counts should insist on organic agricultural products. A Danish study of 41 male organic farmers showed they had a significantly higher sperm count than blue-collar workers. The

IRISH artists can now look forward to displaying their works abroad without having to leave home. Two Irish firms, Toppsi and Ireland On-line, will use digital technology to exhibit Irish art over

A carnivorous pack of bacteria has struck terror in parts of the US and Europe. Known as group A streptococcus, the bacteria, say researchers, can cause a fatal drop in blood pressure, toxic shock

WHILE greens have been carping themselves hoarse against the "throwaway" culture, a scientist at the University of Victoria in Canada has calculated that disposable cups -- polystyrene or paper --

Superconductors can now be made in amounts large enough to meet industrial requirements

BANGLADESH'S jute industry may finally see better days. In what Bangladesh industry minister A M Zahiruddin Khan calls a technological breakthrough, the country's scientists have developed the

PANDA Electronics Co, China's leading television manufacturer, has had enough of selling no-frills sets. It is gearing up for a into the satellite dish and telephone businesses. Panda believes that

US drug companies are responding to criticism of the high cost of prescription medicines by putting out a new message for consumers: "We are not out to fleece you. We are, in fact, toiling hard to

IN NOT too distant a future, much of the pep and zing may disappear from environmental campaigns. Business may well reduce a concern for the environment into advertisement copy to burnish its own

Spoilt milk Nestle Lanka, the Sri Lankan subsidiary of a multinational food firm, has had to send back a consignment of radioactive milk powder imported from Poland. In November 1993, Sri Lankan