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GREEN IMPLICATIONS Though a few proposals in the 1991 budget may be termed eco-friendly, the overall trend remains hostile towards the environment

Urban waste will cease to be a problem if it is treated as a resource rather than refuse from consumption, which requires disposal.

Budgetary provisions aimed at giving a fillip to industry, will add to the burden on the country's resources.

THAT SCIENCE and technology (in the broadest sense) have something to do with development is accepted now almost universally. From the discovery of iron to the harnessing of steam, technology has

Maldives is an environmentalist's dream come true and a country that can easily be a role model for its neighbours.

THE BUDGET gives only marginal, if any, benefits to public-funded research and development, though it opens the door to private funding of this sector. The overall S&T budget of Rs 3,903 crore is

The department of science and technology has initiated public debate on ways to stimulate the country's stagnating research and development activity.

• Accessibility of technology to all segments of society, upgrading of traditional skills. • Waste prevention, lower raw material consumption, preventive pollution control. •

ISRAEL'S citrus industry, part of its drive to "make the desert bloom", is a spectacular success story with export earnings in the US $150-250 million range, depending on the quality and quantity of

WESTERN urbanisation began with the Industrial Revolution and was accompanied by both economic and social development. But in India and most other developing countries, urbanisation does not reflect