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The industry throws its mantle to the Indian Institutes of Technology

The impasse at Agra reflect poorly on the goverkment's efforts to relocate industries and save the Taj

WOODY GOODY: It may not be real wood, but the success of the medium density fibre board (MDF) - manufactured under the brand name of NUWUD by Nuchem Limited in Tohana, Haryana--- means it has

Contrary to the predictions, starting from the '50s, till the '80s, the world has not seen largescale and persistent shortage of minerals essential for industrial economies, despite prodigious

A section of American doctors raise a hueand cry against the defaulting tobacco industry

Alarmed by the sharp depletion of fish stocks, 7 environmental groups, led by the Natural Resources Defense Council of the USA, recently launched a campaign to save the world's large pelagic (open

No, no and no again. At a meeting organised by Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (cse) on July 7, environmentalists firmly rejected the proposal of the ministry of environment and

While scientists debate whether electric cars are environmental saints or sinners, New Jersey-based Engelhard Corp has invented a catalyst that may turn gas-guzzlers from air-foulers into clean-up

JAPAN must get its act together on the energy front, says the International Energy Agency (iea). In a news conference organised in Tokyo in mid-June, Robert Priddle, director of the iea warned that

After successfully thwarting the efforts of the Thapar-Dupont combine to set up a Nylon 6,6 project in their state, Goan greens are now opposing the construction of a multi-million glass fibre plant