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A team of researchers have created a type of new redox-flow battery that can withstand up to 10,000 charging cycles without losing a crucial amount of capacity.

Researchers have taken 3-D printing to another level, where they are rebuilding the human heart through 3-D printing, as well as replicas of arteries, bones and brains - all being printed out of bi

ASAHIKAWA, HOKKAIDO – The inventor of a new kind of toilet based on sawdust calls it a hygienic solution for whenever there is no water or drainage, such as after natural disasters.

Set against the might of climate change, can small measures like solar-powered batteries or drip irrigation make a difference?

Inspired by the Japanese art of kirigami, researchers at the University of Michigan have created a lattice-like cell that can stretch like an accordion, allowing it to tilt along the sun's trajecto

The Royal Bank of Scotland has announced the eight eco-innovations that will be trialled at its world headquarters in Gogarburn as part of its innovation sponsorship programme.

COIMBATORE: The Indian Rice Research Institute, Hyderabad, has awarded a farmer from Dharapuram for adopting drip irrigation system in rice cultivation, thereby reducing water consumption by 60%.

18-year-old Perry Alagappan feted at World Water Week for his groundbreaking graphene heavy-metal filter, which he will keep open-source

A Canadian biotech company claims to have developed a commercial-scale biodegradable replacement for the harmful synthetic microbeads found in many beauty products.

Mimicking the structure of a butterfly's wings could boost the output of solar panels by almost 50%, researchers from the University of Exeter have claimed.