France and Pakistan have agreed to cooperate in the nuclear field, officials said Friday, with Islamabad claiming an important breakthrough in its bid to be seen as a responsible nuclear power. Following talks between France's President Nicolas Sarkozy and counterpart Asif Ali Zardari, the French leader's office said he had offered to help Pakistan improve its "nuclear safety" capability.

An agreement between Bangladesh and Russia on cooperation for development of nuclear technology in the country is likely to be signed within this month.

Our entry into the nuke cabal has become a contentious issue, both domestically and internationally. Three experts debate the pros and cons of the NSG waiver vis-a-vis commerce, technology and strategic affairs.


Does India stand to gain strategically and in terms of access to technology?

What sort of business prospects would the deal open up?
What are the risks of the deal not yielding the desired benefits?

RAJARAMAN Emeritus Professor of Theoretical Physics, JNU

clean energy Nuclear deal gets through With the International Atomic Energy Agency clearing India