Judgement of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of M/s Vaamika Island (Green Lagoon Resort) Vs Union of India and Others dated 08/08/2013 regarding classification of the petitioner's properties situated in Vettilla Thuruthu Island in Vembanad as Filtration Pond and the consequent categorization of the same under CRZ-I.

Tourists Found Littering Will Be Fined 500

Rajkot: The Diu administration has decided to ban the of plastics on the island spread over an area of 38.8 square km from this New Year onwards. Those found dumping plastic waste will be fined Rs 500 under various sections of Environment Protection Act, 1971. So tourists planning a New Year bash at Diu and in the habit of dumping plastic bags, water bottles and pouches on the beaches and roads, beware!

Strong evidence on climate change underscores the need for actions to reduce the impacts of sea-level rise. Global mean sea level may rise 0.18–0.48 m by mid-century and 0.5–1.4 m by the end of the century. Besides marine inundation, it is largely unrecognized that low-lying coastal areas may also be vulnerable to groundwater inundation, which is localized coastal-plain flooding due to a rise of the groundwater table with sea level.

Being a low laying deltaic country, the morphological changes of the coastal zones of Bangladesh become a major social, economic and environmental concern. In this study, images of Landsat satellite during 1989-2010 are analyzed to detect the variation of shoreline positions. The western-central coast has been divided into different segments and changes have been observed in the south face. Shoreline change rates have been analyzed for two period 1989-2000 and 2000-2010. Every segment has been facing more changes in the previous decade 1989-2000 as compared to the recent decade 2000-2010.

Both nations were planning to strike a deal last year, to ship sand to Maldives, which risks being inundated if the sea level rises by even one metre

A plan that hailed Bangladesh as the “Good Samaritan” of Asia, rescuing more than 328,000 Maldivians from being climate refugees seems to be shelved by both the countries now. Both Bangladesh and the Maldives were planning to strike a deal last year, to ship sand to the island nation, which is facing a threat of being inundated if the sea level rises by even one metre.

Some 402 new species facing extinction have been added to the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), says a report released on Wednesday at COP 11, the biodiversity conference being held in Hyderabad. India ranked seven in struggling to protect the species on the list.

Air-breathing snails known as Little Flat Top, found in Alabama (US), and the island-dwelling cockroach (Seychelles) have recently moved into the extinct list.
The report revealed that 83 per cent of Madagascar’s palms are threatened with extinction, putting the livelihoods of local people at risk. The Suicide Palm, which grows up to 60 feet and dies a few months after flowering and producing seeds, is among them.

Madagascar, the island nation in the Indian Ocean is home to some of the exotic and rate flora and fauna. However, there is bad news for its palms.

Estimation of nutrition profile of edible fishes is essential and thus a bio-monitoring study was carried out to find out the nutritional composition of commonly available fishes in Agatti Island water of Lakshadweep Sea. Protein, carbohydrate, lipid, ash, vitamin, amino acid and fatty acid composition in the muscle of ten edible fish species were studied.

A study of the Assam part of the Brahmaputra was last conducted in 1996

GUWAHATI: The main reason for the perennial flood and land erosion problems in Assam is the Brahmaputra but the State Government has failed to conduct a detailed study of the behaviour of the river since 1996 due to fund crunch. A study of the Assam part of the Brahmaputra was last conducted in 1996. The Water Resource Department complaints that it is unable to conduct the river study due to shortage of fund.

A massive iceberg — twice the size of Manhattan — has broken off of a glacier in Greenland, according to NASA satellite imagery, in what could be the latest indication of global warming.

The images released on Wednesday show the massive chunk of ice breaking off of the Petermann Glacier on the north-western coast of Greenland. The glacier produced a similar ice island twice as large in 2010.