According to the draft, India and Bangladesh will share the water in the ratio of 52:48 with India keeping 400 cusec water in store every year. This ratio translates into diversion of 35,000 cusec water to Bangladesh every year, which Banerjee is objecting to. The CM contends that if Bangladesh is given more than 25,000 cusec every year, north Bengal would face a severe water crisis during the summer.

For transmitting the fruits of administration in an effective manner the West Bengal Government is planning to create at least six new districts in the State.

Jalpaiguri, July 4: The state forest department has requested the Assam government to send 20 female rhinos in exchange for the same number of males to rectify the skewed sex ratio of the animal in Gorumara National Park.

The foresters say the ideal sex ratio of the rhino is 3:1 or three females for each male.

Jalpaiguri, June 28: The forest department is considering setting up a hospital for wild animals.

Jalpaiguri, May 19: Over 200 houses were partially or completely destroyed and power and water supplies were disrupted when a storm battered Jalpaiguri town and the adjoining rural areas last night.

It was around midnight last night when it began to rain and soon, a storm lashed the area and it continued till about 2am today.

Jiten Pramanik, a resident of ward 23 in the Jalpaiguri Municipali

Malda/Alipurduar, May 15: Two storms, separated by a distance of over 350km, cut a swathe through Birpara in Jalpaiguri district and Malda

Jalpaiguri, May 5: The state forest department will not allow any new resort or hotel, private or government, to come up within a 10km radius of any wildlife sanctuary or national park once the surrounding areas are notified as eco-sensitive or fragile zones.

Vipan Sood, the conservator of forests (wildlife), north Bengal, said a letter to this effect had come from the ministry of environment a

Jalpaiguri, Dec.

Jalpaiguri, Dec.

Jalpaiguri, Nov. 24: The elephant census has been extended to the Sakam forest at the edge of Neora Valley National Park this time.