The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is to install 300 solar street lamps in different parts of the town as per its Ujyalo Kathmandu programme .

The Department of Roads has so far reconstructed a total 40 kilometres of roads in the Kathmandu Valley in course of the ongoing road-widening works.

The deteriorating air quality of Kathmandu Valley has started manifesting in public health.

Here’s good news for resident gods of major shrines in the Kathmandu Valley and their devotees.

This factsheet presents the current scenario of cycling environment in Kathmandu/Nepal, its contribution to better urban mobility, existing policies and plans for cycling infrastructures development, sharing international best practices/success stories, and recommends policies and programs to promote cycling culture in Kathmandu Valley and other the cities of Nepal.

This paper presents the findings of a study that IIED undertook in partnership with Plan International on urban children’s risk and agency in four large Asian cities: Dhaka (Bangladesh), Kathmandu (Nepal), Manila (the Philippines) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is planning to involve the private sector for door-to-door garbage collection in the city.

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organised a Stakeholder Workshop on Air quality and transportation challenges in Kathmandu on December 27 in collaboration with Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Government of Nepal. 

After intervention from the anti-graft body Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority, the government is going to resume monitoring of hospital waste management in the Kathmandu Valley wit

The Department of Environment (DoE) has sealed more than a dozen industries operating inside the Kathmandu Valley for violation of the minimum pollution standards set by the authorities.