Members of Kenya's famous Maasai tribe are on a collision course with the government over lions that have been straying into grazing area owned by them and taking a heavy toll on their livestock. The

This report summarises the main findings of a three-year programme, funded by the Darwin Initiative for the Survival of Species, and carried out in and around the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

The Gardens of their Dreams: Desertification and Culture in World History

In the largest ever haul of ivory in China, a 3.6-tonne shipment from Kenya was seized in Shanghai. The consignment, intercepted at Waigaoqiao Port, included 64 packages of smuggled ivory containing

A threat to food security looms large over east and central Africa. The insect which causes the cassava mosaic disease is rapidly spreading around the western side of Lake Victoria in Tanzania and

Rivers that flow from Mount Kenya are drying up, triggering an acute shortage of water in regions straddling the waterbodies. The crisis has impacted the semi-arid Laikipia district the most. To add

a recent report has blamed the International Monetary Fund (imf) and World Bank for putting pressure on Malawi, a southern African nation, to sell 28,000 metric tonnes (mt) of maize to Kenya,

Malaria is back with a bang in East Africa. Its latest victim is Kenya, where the epidemic has killed at least 294 people since June 2002. According to estimates, more than 158,000 cases of the

Does tourism always have to be a threat to the environment? Not anymore, claim the promoters of the globally emerging industry of ecotourism. Socially responsible and ecologically sustainable tourism, which could at the same time be profitable for the com

Zambia and Kenya are set to lock horns over ivory trade at the next Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (cites) meeting scheduled for November 2002. While a proposal to lift the