Gridlock over farm trade issues continues

a trend towards smaller households is threatening biodiversity around the world, a new study finds. Both in deve

Marine species likely to top CITES meet agenda

Keeping both the environment and economy afloat

USA: Domestic and international travellers made nearly 287 million visits to the 378 parks under the US National Park Service in 1998 compared to the 275 million visits in 1997. This travel generated

Ecotourism is the new buzzword in the Indian government

The business of ecotourism is set to boom worldwide. Who will gain and who will lose?

If tourism revenues are generated by the quality of natural

In a move that will see the world's deepest oils drilled off the East African coast, the Kenyan government has signed an exploration treaty with a uk- based company. Although the move is likely

A Kenyan court has issued an injunction preventing Canada's Tiomin Resources Incorporation from mining titanium in an area located 12 km away from Kenya's Indian Ocean coastline. Andrew Hayanga, the