New Delhi: The spotlight on the long pending amendment to the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, was back when a Congress delegation, led by party general-secretaries Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh, extracted a promise from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that he would bring a Bill to amend the Act in the winter session of Parliament.

As mining is increasingly becoming the most controversial issue in the country, the Supreme Court in order to stem the resentment among people against the mega projects, has asked the Union and state governments to follow various Central and state legislations on acquisition of land and regulating mining strictly.

Sections 9 & 18 Guarantee Enough Protection For Landowners, Says Supreme Court
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New Delhi: Expressing concern over the plight of farmers and others whose rights are affected when their land is acquired for development, the Supreme Court has said there is need for Parliament and the Law Commission to revisit the Land Acquisition Act, 1894, which is more than a century old.

A bill to make special provision for securing the orderly establishment of industrial areas, industrial estates and flatted factories complexes in the National Capital Territory of

The president of the Rastriya Lok Dal (RLD), Choudhary Ajit Singh assailed the state government for acquiring numerous villages and cultivable land in the name of industrialisation and development and warned that his party would bring a private bill in the Lok Sabha to introduce a new Land Acquisition Policy.

Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill, 2009: critical assessment & recommendations prepared by constituent members of SANGHARSH (since 2007), a platform of 150 people’s movements and mass organisations engaged in fighting displacement across India.

Any scheme for land acquisition must avoid a reduction in total land under cultivation. A farmer who wishes, despite the gloomy prospects, to continue farming must have absolute immunity from coercive acquisition.

Most farmers are inclined to leave agriculture and move to greener pastures, if only the resettlement terms permit them a decent chance of well-being.

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This report is in two parts. The first part is the summary report which gives a brief introduction to the SEZs under scrutiny in the Maharashtra People

NIMBLE thought can jump both sea and land, mused the Poet obviously unconcerned about the need to acquire plots for plants, factories and whole industries. That was then, in less complicated times sans a host of rigidities amidst flux and change. Fastforward to the here and now, and the report that the Centre is to table the Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill in Parliament is notable indeed.