New Delhi: With only a few days to go for the Budget session of the Lok Sabha to begin, parliamentary affairs minister Pawan Kumar Bansal is scheduled to meet top officials of government departments and ministries on Thursday to draw up a list of bills to be introduced in the session.

A Bill further to amend the Land Acquisition Act, 1894.

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Mumbai: National Alliance of People

Rahi Gaikwad

MUMBAI: Ahead of the State Cabinet meeting, usually slated for Wednesday, Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patkar and people affected by various projects in Maharashtra protested outside Tilak Bhawan, the Congress party headquarters in Mumbai.

Police rushed to the spot and brought Ms. Patkar and the agitators to Azad Maidan by 2.15 p.m.

Is there a law or there are only guidelines?

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Peasants across India are opposing development projects which displaced them from their land, habitat, livelihood and environment. They are questioning the paradign of development itself which is so heavily loaded against them. The law on land acquisition is central to the understanding of this hostility to development.

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Saubhadra Chatterji & Nistula Hebbar / New Delhi August 26, 2008, 0:54 IST

It was proposed as a panacea for all land acquisition disputes and agitations accompanying industrial development in India.

The amended Land Acquisition Act, 1894, pending before a parliamentary committee, will in all likelihood see the light of day whenever the monsoon session of Parliament is called.

At a meeting of the standing committee on rural development today, it was decided that the last hurdle, the report on the Bill, would be finalised by September 3-5.

A total amount of Rs 12790 lacs have been sanctioned and disbursed which included compensation of land and property amounting Rs. 8255.64 lacs, special rehabilitation grant amounting Rs 1960.36 lacs and rehabilitation grant amounting Rs 2574 lacs.