The present study was undertaken to know the effect of concentration of lead (Pb) and different organic materials on the maize yield, concentrations of lead on maize plants and diethylene triamine penta-acetic acid (DTPA) extractable lead (Pb) on the post harvested soils.

Chromium is one of the toxic and hazardous pollutants in industrial wastewaters leading to soil contamination. In this study, the feasibility study of remediating chromium contaminated soil using indigenous microorganisms and Pseudomanas fluorescens was evaluated.

Uruguay's controversial wood pulp mill produced its first payload on October 15 amidst protests from the neighbouring Argentina and environmentalists across the globe. The first thousand tonnes of

Pharma's health fallout devastating

The industrial boom has hit areas around Hyderabad on many fronts

The textile mill, run by the Assam Polyster Co-operative Society Limited (APOL) is situated at Rangia, Kamrup district of Assam and has an installed capacity of 8000 m cloth production per day from viscose, polyester and acrylic fibers. The mill releases its effluents into the agricultural land in the western side of the mill. This study has been undertaken to assess the impact of the textile mill on soil and heavy metals and of drinking water in the close vicinity of the mill.

Crude oil is of organic origin and is an extremely complex structure of hydrocarbons. Besides carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and sulphur many other elements are present in crude oil. In oil fields, during drilling, gathering, transporting or in some other operations, some quantity of the crude oil gets spilled over the neighboring areas. The spilled crude oil affects the bio-chemical nature of the soil. As a result no vegetation occurs in those areas. Therefore, a study was made with an objective to revive the soil condition for vegetation development.

Even after two years, hurricane Katrina still haunts people in us's port city New Orleans in Louisiana state. Floods that came in the wake of the hurricane have left the soil in the city's schools

landmark is a much abused word when it comes to legal copy. But the Bombay High Court's recent order that six mining companies would have to compensate farmers in north Goa for rendering their

Computers are not designed for recycling. It's not surprising, therefore, that in Europe and the us, a computer is thrown away every two years. And there are thousands of other electronic gadgets.

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