forest fires hasten mercury accumulation in the soil and catchments, say researchers of Michigan University. According to them, forest foliage are huge mercury traps. When burnt, the mercury

In India 18,289 hectares of land is under various type of land degradation due to coal mining in which 1100 ha is by overburden dump. With the increase demand of coal and its opencast mining degrade 1400 ha of fertile land every year. This deterioration in the fertility is due to loss of soil through water erosion, contamination through leaching of heavy metals and siltation with runoff.

POLLUTING industrial units in Cuncolim Industrial Estate, located about 10 km from Madgaon town in Goa, are beginning to feel the heat. On September 11, 2006, the Goa State Pollution Control Board

The Indonesian government has decided to dump tonnes of hot mud, which forced at least 10,000 Indonesians out of their homes, into the Java Sea. The foul-smelling mud has been spurting from a crack

The intensive agricultural production by the over use of agro-chemicals in the state of Punjab has resulted in higher NO3-N concentration in ground water, which leads to ground water pollution. The LEACHM model developed by Wagenet & Hutson is used to predict nitrogen transport in multi layered soil profile under irrigated rice crop in northern India.

An oil spill has occurred in one of Russia's largest export pipelines, polluting about 10 sq km of forests and contaminating local water sources. The country's ministry of natural resources has

Kanjumarg will aggravate Mumbai s waste crisis

This article analyses the implementation of the Ganga Action Plan and the various reasons for its failure in the highly polluted villages of Jajmau, clustered near Kanpur city.

This case study reports on how the various stakeholders came together to alleviate the problem of effluents discharged by factories in the industrial estates on the eastern periphery of Ahmedabad into the Kharicut canal that flows into the Khari, a tributary of the Sabarmati.

The most influential process safety accident passed its 20th anniversary on Dec 3, 2004. At an international symposium to mark the event in Kanpur, India during the week of this anniversary, process safety practitioners from around the world assembled to discuss progress in resolving the Bhopal tragedy and in advancing the practice of process safety worldwide.