Remote sensing is a direct adjunct to field, recently playing an important role in the study and assess the natural resource in any part of the world. In this view the present work has been taken upto study and assess the natural resources and environmental potential in and around Rajampet of Kadapa district, Andhra Pradesh.

Industrial tree plantations for wood, palm oil and rubber are generating an increasing number of confl icts between companies and local populations. Relying on a wide-ranging literature review, this article analyses the alleged impacts of such plantations, the protesters involved, and the modalities of the confl icts.

The country is going to reclaim an area of 600 square kilometers from the Bay of Bengal in an effort to offset the growing demand for lands to accommodate ever increasing populations and adapt to the climate change.

"We are going to reclaim 600 square kilometers of land from the sea in near future.

Land as a resource in any country will always be in short supply as it cannot be created, unlike other resources such as capital or labour. As the Indian economy grows, more land will be required to support the industrial growth, which will further increase the gap between supply and demand.

The Santa Clara Pueblo is among a growing number of tribes across the United States

Advocates of foreign ownership of agricultural land say it brings wealth, infrastructure and new farming techniques; opponents say that displaced and deskilled smallholders are often the result. When people talk about land-grabbing the immediate focus tends to be on issues like food security, land sovereignty and worries about a new, financial colonialism.

Report of the task force to look into problems of hill states and hill areas and to suggest ways to ensure that these states and areas do not
suffer in any way because of their peculiarities.

This new ICAR study finds that the degraded and wastelands in the country cover 120.4 M ha. It provides a new dimension for their rehabilitation and implementation of developmental plans can be streamlined using this study.


An Act to provide for the establishment, administration and management of a system of conclusive property titles with title guarantee and indemnification against losses due to inaccuracies in property titles, through registration of immovable properties and further to amend the relevant Acts as stated in the Schedule and matters connected therew