An important input for sustainable agricultural development in hard rock areas is access to groundwater irrigation. In hard rock areas, due to cumulative well interference, the life of

Rural Bihar is being suffocated by the control exercised by the landed gentry who own a disproportionate share of cultivable land and yet have little interest in increasing agricultural production. Those who can and do

Urban studies of late obviously aim at environmental issues. As a matter of fact there is a thrust on the impact of unplanned urbanization on city environment. Admittedly major urban areas in Bangladesh are the seats of the forces of civilization.

MUMBAI: Residents of forest land in Mulund and Nahur have decided to boycott the October assembly polls to protest against the state government's "dilly-dally'' over the case.

WILDLIFE conservationists use the crite - rion of species diversity to identify areas that must be protected. Ecologists and zoologists from the Universidade Federal de Goi

The Bill amending the Indian Forest Act, passed by the state Assembly to empower the government to de-notify

According to the Bureau of Bangladesh Statistics and Directorate of Agriculture Extension, the number of farmer-families in the country is 1,50,89,000 of which the marginal farmers constitute 86.66 percents but they hold just 41.20 percents of the total farming land. Though the number of the marginal fanners outclasses other groups, their financial condition is poor.

Pakistan has received an application from Saudi government for buying around 500,000 acres of farmland on lease to produce variety of crops and fruits for the Middle East consumers.

Over the last 50 years, nine out of ten natural disasters around the world have been the result of extreme weather and climate events. Storms, floods, droughts, heatwaves, dust storms, wildfires and many other natural hazards threaten the lives and livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.

The South Asia Environment Outlook 2009 covers the state and trends of the environment (land, air, water, biodiversity) and five key issues - Climate Change, Food Security, Water Security,