britain's Labour government has denied accusations that it is going soft on measures to ban fox-hunting and said it would make a statement soon. The Daily Mail reported that the

in india, cases of industries flouting environmental laws are not rare and in Gujarat this has become a rule. To set up any industry, an environmental clearance from the Union ministry of

The final notification of the Great Himalayan National Park has jeopardised the livelihood of a tribe of migratory pastoralists. It has also cornered people of 130 villages in their own land on the name of biodiversity conservation

Forest cover in Europe is decreasing at an alarming rate, says a new study

The Madras high court recently upheld an order passed by the Pudukottai district collector that cancelled the licence of a granite quarry. Quarry work was threatening a 1,300-year-old monument.

The Justice department files a mammoth civil lawsuit against cigarette manufacturers in the US

The Supreme Court has ordered the closure of

Eli Lilly and Company, manufacturer of the anti-depressant Prozac, is challenging Pfizer Inc, uk' s patents related to Viagra to clear the way for its own entry in the market. Derek Anthony, a

A division bench of the Gujarat high court, comprising Justices

The Indian Oil Corporation, a public sector company, was reluctant to provide clean diesel to Delhi when asked by the Supreme Court. But after a private sector industrial group, Reliance, offered to supply it, the company rushed to do the same. The pu