The MEF draws up an ambitious plan for the management of municipal solid wastes

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The Supreme Court has issued notices to four major cigarette companies, including tobacco giants ITC Limited. The action follows a public interest petition filed by former Congress member of

With the deadline for converting its entire bus fleet to compressed natural gas drawing near, the Delhi Transport Corporation looks for excuses and more time to meet its target as it plays into the hands of the diesel lobby

DTC Private Total number of buses at present 2,522 2,978 * Total number of buses more than eight-years-old by March 31, 2000 1,848 1,030 Total number of buses by April 1,

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Doubts over efficiency of CNG buses set at rest

Bhure Lal, chairperson, Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control Authority EPCA for the National Capital Region

the Centre is likely to ban the use of recycled plastic bags throughout the country. In this regard, the Union minis

Under pressure from the automobile industry, the West Bengal government goes back on its decision to implement stricter emission norms