Delhi's district and sessions court has overruled objections raised by 26 shut down polluting industries, regarding the land that has to be surrendered by them to the Delhi Development Authority

A Miami jury slams unprecedented punitive damages on tobacco companies, who will appeal the verdict

Broken Hill Proprietary Corporation (BHP), an Australian minerals, energy and steel company, will contest charges of polluting fish habitats near its isolated Ekati diamond mine in the North West

THE Japanese government has brought out a new set of rules to reduce wastes. In the last session of the Diet, it was decided that companies have to bear more responsibility towards waste disposal.

a biological diversity bill has

Irked by its failure to implement court orders and stop the discharge of untreated domestic waste and industrial effluent into the Yamuna, the Supreme Court has imposed a

India needs to have a hard look at the sources of all its varied traditional knowledge and how to protect them

france has drawn the attention of the European Court of Justice for failing to fully enact the European rules for environmental impact assessments ( eia ) in wildlife habitat areas. According

while urging the European parliament to approve legislation on genetically modified (gm) products, European Union's (eu) environment commissioner Margot Wallstr

Automobile industry s new road map to future emission norms promises too little too late