Despite the Supreme Court order banning mining in forest areas, illegal

A Cambodian court convicted two Taiwan men in absentia over the dumping of about 3,000 tonnes of mercury-tainted waste last year. The court in the southern port city of Sihanoukville sentenced

The automobile industry can breathe easy with the Supreme Court lifting its earlier restrictions on the sale of cars; plea for extending deadline on emission norms rejected

The fishing industry in Uganda is in disarray, with local authorities and the central government taking conflicting stances on the recent lifting of a ban on fish vending. Minister of state for

Environmentalists score a major victory as the Supreme Court tightens emission standards in Delhi,

Particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide and ozone: Delhi’s air is already overcast with a very high

Neither improving diesel quality nor upgrading engine technology help to avert the threat posed by toxic particulate emissions from diesel vehicles. The only option is to ban registration of new diesel cars

While the buzz of e commerce has been accepted, the discordant noise of environment has been conveniently left out

A tobacco company will have to pay US $81 million to the family of a man who died of lung cancer

THE cost of complying with an environmental legislation in the European Union may have far reaching impacts. It could force medicines for animals to go off the market, say drug makers. According