Diesel is subsided to help the poor farmer run his pumpset. But this cheap fuel is used to drive expensive cars of the rich

Corruption in the management of the environment culminated in the blinding of young men by the Bihar police

Fighting corruption requires a determined response

Hazare's inquiry opens a Pandora's box

THE draft of the Biological Diversity Act which is soon expected to be tabled in Parliament, is full of loopholes, says Vandana Shiva, director the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and

The Mumbai high court recently directed the Association of Plantation Companies to file an affidavit by July 23 clarifying how much funds have been generated by these firms from small investors. The

the ministry of environment and forests (mef) has redrafted the legislation on regulating access to India's biological wealth. The redrafted version has been sent to chief ministers of all

The Delhi High Court has issued notices to several government organisations after hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL). The PIL has sought to protect people in Delhi from serious health hazards

The Union government asks the Supreme Court to lift the interim ban on tree felling amid growing pressure from the northeastern states

The Supreme Court has ordered the relocation of nearly 50,000 industrial units from non-conforming residential areas to end environmental degradation. The Delhi chief minister signalled the first