The Supreme Court has ordered the immediate suspension of mining operations by private companies in the scheduled forest areas of Andhra Pradesh. A large number of mining companies, including

The Gujarat unit of People's Union of Civil Liberties (PUCL) recently filed a petition in the High Court of Gujarat against the state government, the commissioner of industries and

in an unprecedented move , the Spanish court recently sent a factory owner to prison for causing damage to the environment. For the first time in Europe, such a sentence has been awarded on

There is no safe disposal of tonnes of hazardous wastes imported to India, observes the Supreme Court

While the apex court has brought to Patancheru's effluent riddled land some relief in the forms of compensation and drinking water, it has not yet remarked on the government agencies' non functioning complacence

Encroachments by the poor and the rich alike are proving to be the ridge's bane. The malady is monumental, and the court's healing touch has provided incomplete relief at best

Was the motel owned by a former environment minister's relatives really responsible for destroying the pristine banks of the Beas? The apex court thinks so, but question marks persist

What the judiciary needs to do is to put the heat on the regulatory and executive agencies of the country and improve the country's environmental governance systems

On April 16,1996, a division bench of the Supreme Court (SC) comprising Justices Kuldip Singh and S Saghir Ahmed directed the chief justice of the Calcutta High Court to constitute a special division

DTE sought the comments of legal luminaries and journalists on some issues that emerged out of this analysis. The individuals whose opinions appear here are P N Baghwati, former Chief Justice of India, A M Singhvi, additional solicitor general of India; R