consumer protection and environmental regulations are quite an important part of the economic agenda of developed countries today. It is the pressure created by activists, environmental groups and

Denmark has for the first time introduced a law relating to the transfer of polluting technologies to other countries

Henceforth, all cases relating to pollution pending with the Supreme Court of India, will be dealt by the high courts of the respective states. This was decided by the apex court in a ruling given

Foreseeing the threat posed by mining to the Surajkund and Badkallakes in Haryana, the Supreme Court has ordered the closure of all mines on May 13. No mining operation will be allowed within a

In an order passed on April 9, the Supreme Court of India gave an ultimatum to all 28 industrial areas in the National Capital Territory of Delhi to either chip in their share of the fund for

Polluting companies in the US - the country which has often screamed the loudest at the merest hint of environmental negligence - can now rest easy. Protecting them from engendering

A Supreme Court ruling to install waste incinerators in India is under a scathing attack from environmental activists

Dioxins and fLirans. two deadly by- products of medical waste incineration, form directly from chlorine and chlorinated products which are present in much larger volumes in medical wastes than in

A wetland in the St Lucia estuary on the cast coast in KwaZUILI-Natal province was saved from devastation when the country's cabinet banned the development of a mineral sands project by

A Kerala High Court order quashes quarrying operations which had dealt a bodyblow to megalithic tombstones in the state