The Clinton administration has suffered yet another setback in its crusade to protect the forests in the US northwest from marauding timber merchants. On September 14, district court judge

Swamped by petitions, seeking environment redressal across the country, the Supreme Court has sought the help of lawyers' associations to devise means for reducing pollution and cleansing the

International law is heading rapidly towards protecting the environment; it will gradually replace the initiative taken by national governments to base such laws on national public opinion. Between

Close on the heels of a Supreme Court directive to relocate Delhi's most polluting industries comes a Gujarat High Court judgement ordering the closure of 70 industries in the Gujarat

The recent Supreme Court orders against polluting industries have merely kicked off an arduous process of cleaning up the Capital

A recent Supreme Court ruling prevents Britannia Biscuits Co from recycling its tin containers. Ending what may have been an interesting environment-friendly scheme, the court ruled that the the

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) chairperson Ranganath Mishra has asserted that environmental violations such as pollution and fouling up the atmosphere are tantamount to denial of the

To encourage industrial units to provide accurate information in their environment audits, the government may soon amend the format of the environmental statement. The submission of the environment

The Indian Parliament has passed legislation that promotes the use of vehicles using alternate fuel

In the March 8 hearing of the Taj pollution case, the Supreme Court agreed to consider a more humane way of tackling the problem instead of relocating the hundreds of polluting industries in Agra and