LUCKNOW: The state forest department is making several efforts to extend protection to endangered Indopiptadenia oudhensis, locally called `genti' or `haathipaula'. It is a perennial tree variety whose existence has shrunk to border areas of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand, close to Nepal. In UP, this variety is confined to Suhelwa wildlife division in Balrampur district.

Top 100 Species Ranked On Basis Of Longevity, Impact On Earth And Evolutionary Success

London: The humble earthworms have pipped mankind and dinosaurs to emerge as the most successful 100 species on Earth in a new league table.

TIRUCHI: The Mahatma Gandhi-Doerenkamp Centre for Alternatives to Animal Use in Life Science Education was opened at Bharathidasan University here on Friday to mark the 140th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Palaeo-ntologists have claimed that world

A new study has found that about 0.9% of the world

Who were the first Indians? Were they the chocolate-hued Dravidian southerners or the dark-skinned tribals that inhabit East India and the Andaman islands? Was the relatively fair Indo-European population of the North the original settler? Or did the Mongoloid-featured Tibetan-Burmans beat the rest to it? When and how did the pioneers reach India? What routes did they take?

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are strung out in isolated emerald splendour across the Bay of Bengal. It is their inaccessibility that has helped put them on the global genetic map.

Sept. 18: Union health and family welfare minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said that the Centre favours therapeutic cloning (cloning of human tissues and organs) on a case-to-case basis. The minister also said that the Centre would soon come out with a bill on stem cell research and its application.

ornithology Birds love noise The house finch and the black-chinned hummingbird are unaffected by noise pollution. In fact, they prefer to nest in noisier areas because it increases their chances of survival. A team isolated the effects of noise pollution on bird communities. For this they chose regions with natural gas extraction plants which contain noise-generating compressors. The

health The Wnt pathway Scientists zeroed in on the gene responsible for multiple sclerosis, a disease in which the body