Giving fresh hope to women who are unable to have children, scientists have developed the world

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India is home to 1,225 species of birds

London: Plants

In 2009, the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of the life and work of Charles Darwin, a transformational scientist who brought about a revolution in our understanding of evolution.

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One way to bring closure to the trauma of the gas tragedy is to build Bhopal up as a site of cutting edge clean, green technology, with special focus on life sciences, says R Gopalakrishnan

Many important hominid-bearing fossil localities in East Africa are in regions that are extremely hot and dry. Although humans are well adapted to such conditions, it has been inferred that East African environments were cooler or more wooded during the Pliocene and Pleistocene when this region was a central stage of human evolution.

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Washington: US scientists have developed the first cell controlled by a synthetic genome, in a breakthrough which may lead to creating bacteria to clean up environmental problems, a new study showed on Thursday.

London: Scientists have discovered the mechanism through which worms regenerate their amputated body parts