Cities all over the world are trying to ease congestion on roads. Not the chocked Indian cities, through. Time to make cars in India pay the real cost of using roads.

London: Whisky lovers have another excuse to enjoy a dram

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OIL major BP is seeking a strategic investor to secure its independence in the face of any takeover attempts as it struggles with a devastating oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, newspapers said on Sunday.

BP faced renewed US pressure on Sunday to do more to contain the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, as the United States and Britain played down diplomatic tensions over the crisis. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said it was up to the British energy giant, under pressure in the United States to suspend its dividend to help pay for the damage, to decide on its payout to shareholders.

London: A simple blood test that can detect a cancer before a tumour has taken shape has been developed by British scientists.
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London: Aviation officials closed airports in northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Sunday due to a drifting, dense cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland. All airports in Northern Ireland were shut down along with others in northern England

IN FEBRUARY, 14 distinguished climate scientists, economists and policy experts came together to discuss how to tackle global warming. This week, the London School of Economics and Oxford University are publishing their conclusions. They are worth considering.

OIL major BP said the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had cost it $350 million so far, suggesting the final bill could be much higher than many analysts predicted, and hitting the company

London: Scientists have discovered the mechanism through which worms regenerate their amputated body parts