London: A sprawling cloud of volcanic ash paralyzed air travel across much of Europe for a fourth day on Sunday, but test flights with empty airliners showed no sign of damage and offered some hope.

London: A parliamentary panel investigating allegations that scientists at one of the world

London: Scientists have discovered what they claim is a common gene that raises the risk of developing lung cancer in non-smokers, a breakthrough which may pave the way for new targeted therapies for patients.

With roads choked, travelling in the capital has turned into a nightmare. Experts believe it

Carboxytherapy Just Takes A Few Minutes

London: Carbon dioxide, the natural gas which is blamed for global warming, may now help one shed those extra flab.

Scientists at the University of Siena in Italy have claimed to have developed an injection of CO

London: British experts say there is little evidence Tamiflu stops complications in healthy people who catch the flu, though public health officials contend the swine flu drug reduces flu hospitalizations and deaths.

We used Comparative Risk Assessment methods to estimate the health effects of alternative urban land transport scenarios for two settings

Attempts to halt and reverse a decade of worsening air quality in London are being held up by political indecision. After steady rises in air quality up until the turn of the century, London should be well on the way to tackling one of the most serious public health concerns today.

With the threat of increased disasters from climate change, many countries are already taking steps to reduce their vulnerability to weather and climatic hazards, such as floods, cyclones, heatwaves and droughts. Adaptation to climate change is a relatively new concern, but it can call on a rich tradition spanning many decades of practices to reduce disaster risks.

New Delhi: With less than a year to go for the Commonwealth Games, Delhi government embarked on a plantation drive to ensure the Games are