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Trade is collapsing and protectionism is on the rise. Time for the G20 to get going

London: British Prime Minister Gordon Brown appealed on Tuesday for Iran to end its uranium enrichment programme in return for international assistance in developing nuclear power.

Mr Brown said the Islamic republic had a

New Delhi: Planning Commission deputy chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia will lead the delegation to the G-20 sherpas (preparatory) meet on March 11 in London where issues such liquidity crunch and reforms in international financial institutions are likely be taken up.

In a discovery which potentially can help decrease fatalities caused by cancer, scientists have found an enzyme that promotes spread of cancer from its original location.

The majority of deaths caused by cancer are due to metastatis, or spread of cancer from its original location to the others in the human body.

THREE BRITISH explorers have set out on a 90-day skiing expedition to the North Pole, measuring sea ice thickness the whole way to find out exactly how fast it is disappearing, according to the Catlin Arctic Survey.

Indicted for killing fish: Thames Water, the largest water and wastewater services company in the UK, was recently ordered to pay US $180,643 by a UK court for accidentally releasing sodium hydroxide into the Wandle river in south west London in September, 2007. It turned the river milky and more than two tonnes of dead fish were found floating amidst a strong smell of bleach along

Turns Moist Air Into Droplets


London: Gadget makers showed off their green credentials at a technology show in London to try to tempt consumers worried about soaring fuel bills, climate change and the financial crisis.
Amid the usual array of power-hungry televisions, stereos and computers, a handful of companies promoted high tech products designed to cut energy consumption.

A special episode of the BBC Bangladesh Sanglap on climate change will be held at the Bangla-desh-China Friendship Confere-nce Centre in the capital today.
The BBC Bangla service has organised the Sanglap ahead of the high level UK-Bangladesh climate change conference in London on September 10.
The Sanglap is expected to discuss the impacts of climate change and shed light on the current challenges.