Ladakh is the one region in India where sustainable development is the only way ahead. Dry toilets, water efficient crops, cooperative farming, a democratic society and living in harmony with nature are not ideals here; they are a prerequisite

A Bangalore slum experiments with ecofriendly toilets

Sanitation for urban India means building flush toilets and linking them to sewer systems. But the price of chasing this dream is leading to an environmental catastrophe. MANOJ NADKARNI analyses our flush and forget mindset

We need to go back to the drawing board to reinvent a green toilet. If necessary, to go back to our past and find technological innovations that are sustainable and equitable. So that every Indian can have access to sanitation and still have clean water t

The flush toilet system and the sewage system, which goes with modern day personal hygiene and cleanliness, are part of the environmental problem and not the solution. Consider the huge amount of clean water that is used to carry a small quantity of human

A novel project in Kerala tries to introduce a sanitation technology that promises a cleaner and healthier environment

The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) related to sanitation rely on flushing systems. Uno Winblad, senior adviser, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Sweden, tells S V Suresh Babu that the ecosan approach can do the job much better

Unheard Voices of Women

A good society knows how to clean its rubbish. But instead of setting an example for the world through its traditional handling of human excreta, Japan is following unsustainable Western models of sewage treatment